Protect Yourself: Top 3 Tips for Avoiding Fake and Sketchy Job Postings in Africa

Looking for jobs can be a job in itself. There is the process of creating the perfect resume/CV, then drafting a relevant cover letter, and sending it to each potential employer. 

We at TalentsInAfrica have simplified the process by providing you with a platform to keep all of your relevant job information. But while we have made sure to protect your data, there are other sites and people who do not have your interest at heart.

To help you protect yourself, we have compiled 3 tips that will surely help you weed out trustworthy sites like our own from those that are less so. 

  1. Do your research!

    1. Try to research the company you are looking into, and type words like “scam” “fraud” or “complaints” after the company’s name to see what people have said before

    2. Ask around to see if anyone you know has encountered the company before and if they have any recommendations

  2. Read carefully!

    1. If the grammar and spelling in the job post is terrible or there are too many errors, it may be a fraudulent post

    2. If the email address doesn’t look correct or the company’s name is spelt incorrectly, it is probably a scam

    3. If the job advertises more about the pay than the responsibilities, it may be a scam

  3. Mind your money!

    1. Do not use your personal bank account or information to transfer on behalf of your potential employer

    2. Legitimate jobs will not ask you to pay a fee upfront before you start

    3. You should not be paying to complete a job application - this is a sure sign of fraud

Finding a job can be difficult, but if you use the TalentsinAfrica job seeker portal, and remember these tips, your search will be easier and free of the hassle. 

Did we miss anything? Be sure to leave your questions and comments below. 

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